Kate is available for keynotes, panels, fireside chats, podcasts, and Ask Me Anything sessions. Popular keynotes are shared below, and Kate can also work with you to craft a custom talk based on your goals and objectives.

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The Woman in the Arena

It takes courage to lead, to be different, and to show up as an agent of change, particularly in the face of naysayers. It is bravery and authenticity – not fearlessness – that is our superpower. This talk explores what it means to be that Woman in the Arena who strives, who struggles, who keeps showing up, and who never loses track of who she is and what she stands for.

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Launch Before You Are Ready

Perfectionism is often paralyzing, and it is not conducive to long-term, sustainable success. We must learn to embrace vulnerability, aim for progress over perfection, and launch ourselves – into roles, into opportunities, and into the world - before we are ready. This opens the door to a world of opportunities and paves the way to a bigger and more fulfilling life & career.

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Creativity Unleashed

Given everything that is happening in the world today, creativity is more important now than ever. Businesses need to harness the power of creativity to out-match, out-pace, and out-innovate competitors. This session explores the psychology of creativity and provides actionable methods for fostering creativity in ourselves and our teams – because creativity is necessary for business growth, and the world needs our big ideas!

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Messaging for Success: A Primer on Executive Communications

Have the elevator doors ever opened and the business president steps into the car…and you freeze? Or you are tapped to brief the CEO or BoD, but you're struggling to craft an exec-appropriate message? These moments demand a critical business skill called "Executive Communications" - a messaging skill used when communicating up to senior leaders within an organization, and a critical skill for growing your career and your influence.

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Career Conversations & AMAs

Do you have questions about career planning and development? Interested in a tech and/or executive career track, but not sure what the path requires? Do you suffer from imposter syndrome, or struggle with advocating for yourself? Join Kate for a candid "Ask Me Anything" session, open-mic style. Kate will field your questions and provide honest answers, based on her experiences – as a woman, a leader, a mom, and a tech exec.

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Tailored Keynote or Session

Interested in booking Kate for a tailored keynote, session, or workshop? Let us know your interests & goals, and we can explore the options. Kate is available for personalized keynotes, fireside chats, panels, podcasts, vlogs, and AMAs – all either on-site or virtual.

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