About Kate

Hi! I’m Kate. I identify as many things:
Mom. Advocate. Mentor. Leader.
Life-Long Student. Change Agent.
I appreciate you being here, and I look forward to connecting with you!

About Kate

Kate Maxwell is a dynamic speaker, storyteller, and leader driving impact on a global scale. She currently leads technology and industry strategy at one of the biggest tech companies in the world, and her career history is rooted in supporting the global defense, government, and education ecosystems as a civilian technology leader.

Kate is a computer scientist and an engineer by trade, and she sees her purpose as being an advocate for change – challenging the status quo, using her voice and influence to drive transformational initiatives, and empowering others to turn their ideas into reality.

Kate is an adventurer at heart, and she is constantly looking for opportunities to push herself out of her comfort zone – because the discomfort is where the growth happens!

This “elder” millennial, tech-loving, adventuring student-of-the-world has:

  • Two awesome kids
  • Supported countless national security missions
  • Been named the #1 Woman in Tech in the world
  • Two patents to her name
  • An amazing inner circle of friends, family, and mentors
  • A deep-rooted sense of optimism
  • The desire to leave this world better than she found it.


It is my mission to live life in a big way and to encourage, inspire, and empower others to do the same – helping them realize the fullness of their own potential.

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Kate is a passionate advocate for STEM outreach and mentoring initiatives. She frequently dedicates her time and gifts to supporting non-profit organizations working to light the STEM spark for underprivileged and underrepresented youth, as well as organizations helping to foster STEM career pathways for people from all walks of life.

Kate is also a passionate advocate for diversity & inclusion initiatives, with particular focus on championing and elevating women in all places where decisions are being made.

TechPoint Foundation for Youth and Indiana State Robotics Championship

TechPoint Foundation for Youth and Indiana State Robotics Championship

Kate is proud to serve as a Board Member and volunteer with TechPoint Foundation for Youth (TPF4Y) - the leader in STEM education efforts for the state of Indiana, a non-profit that has been inspiring students through STEM programming since 2001. TPF4Y is on a mission to provide access to STEM learning opportunities for every underserved and underrepresented student in the state of Indiana. Thanks to the fantastic efforts of this amazing organization, Indiana is now home to the second largest youth robotics championship in the world – second only to the World Championship itself!

Learn more here: TechPoint Foundation for Youth

Lobbying for More Inclusive Legislature – from State to Federal

Lobbying for More Inclusive Legislature – from State to Federal

Kate leverages her platform to advocate for change, and she champions legislative activity to support and elevate underrepresented demographics, including women, people of color, and the LGBTQ+ community. She frequently engages lawmakers at the state and federal levels, contributes op-eds to media outlets on community challenges and legislative needs, and participates in grassroots forums to help influence policies that affect our neighborhoods, towns, cities, and states. Kate's advocacy extends to both the state and federal levels – from the Indiana Statehouse, all the way to Capitol Hill.

Learn more here: EDITORIAL: Diversity-unfriendly legislature works against Indiana business and talent imperatives - TechPoint

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